Bits by bits,, Parts by Parts,,


It is nice to have myself back to this beloved town, Bandung.
After several days of stay, I was being recommeded to visit a small bike workshop near my place. It's called DJ Cycle where I modified my frame into a fixed-ready.

This time, I'm back with all my hunts.
I end up with building my own fixie, starting from bit.

Here are the things:


The rims are Rigida 700c and the hubs are Surly for sure :D and the cog is from SOMA. I got the rims and spokes from local store in Bandung, Nets, for Rp 250.000 and Rp 45.000, respectively. It is quite cheap i believe, compared with Singapore or Sydney RRP. Indonesia is the best for cheapos, indeed. Suprisingly, the cog and the lock ring are ridiculously pricey. I had to pay foy SGD45 and SGD25. For the hubs, I guess it was a fair price, bouhght for SGD180 both front and rear and quality as well. Tyres, I used a pair of Indonesian made rubber, branded Vittoria, ROMA: 700x22c; price: Rp 25.000 each. Tubes are IRC for Rp 15.000.

Next are the bar and the stem as well as the grips. Once, I ordered a custom "Dildo" handle bar, the thingie is quite nice but somehow the diameter is slightly wider where it is suppose to be an inch. Well, I skip this part that slow me down, therefor I moved to a set of MTB riser bar (Rp 80.000) and stem (Rp 35.000) from ZOOM. For th grips I got ANSWER, BMX style (Rp 40.000)

Well, so far,, those are the things that ready. As soon as the frame are made, I'll complete the bikes review, and will give some snapshots on it, probably on early January,,

Merry Christmas 2008 and a Happy New Year 2009,,