After Deep,,


Peloton Track Bike Logo,,

I just finished redraw this logo. I'm posting it to help others who had the Peloton bike to restore their bike decals,, No charge, it's simply a perfect mockup for tracing,,

My next project would be repaint the bike while prepare the decals,, I'm crazed by Aurumania's CPS Street. Yes, the Night Bike, I want to make mine similar to this,,



My beloved surly hub is dying, caused by weary bearing,,
Oh no,, so heartbreaking,,

Unfortunately, no stores are selling this damn bearing,, *jaded frustrated incorporated,,
So with my bare hands, I'm trying to fixxx this,,

Hopefully hopeful, this surgery will work,,
It's hard to let it go,, *crying out loud,,

Race Taste,,

This time, I think I'm fit to go brakeless, after a long run recovery,,
Well let's see, how fast I could be,,

In Too Deep,,

Rigida DP2000,, *it's so hype lately,,

Coz I'm in too deep, and I'm tryin' to keep,,
Up above of my head, instead of going under,,*sum41

Since the rumours come around, I try to seek what should be mine, for peace of mind,,
I got this only rim, the Silver "Budget" Deep ring,,
HAHAHA,, At last,,



By my reckoning, Purple in colour would be so DEEP nice,,
So, It's going to be a "DEEP PURPLE"


The Next Fixxx Thing,,

This is a must learn trick, track stand, no hand track stand, o whatever,,
*this guy is FIXXX

>>> Credits to burdphil