Classic Japanese Metals,,

Shimano Dura Ace 1982,,

Cited @ Sheldon's

///MP LockRings,,

/// MPLockRing available in ISO and CAMPAGNOLO size,,

Contact by email for order,,

Lockring Wrench,,

If you are looking for a lockring wrench here in Bandung or Indonesia, you will find a hard time,,
But by chance, I found it in supermarket and it's amazingly CHEAP! yeah!
I grabbed it for for less than IDR10K,,
Unfortunately, it's too thick to be a cone wrench, It still makes it worth buy but,,

MP Golden Tag,,

These decals mark the 2nd Anniversary of "I dream of fixie" - 2010, a webblog that matter,,

@b_e_r_t_o Bici SS is Fixed,,

Berto Bici is the 2nd bike that I built in this 2nd year of amazing cycling journey,,
Though it is a single speed, it is still stunning my conscience of it's beauty,,
This gentlemen looking isn't that fancy but you'll be surprised in the way of a delightful visual balance he gave,,
Meet the owner Albertus Prawata on twitter,,
He also the one who photographed 2 out of 3,  the MusterPiss 2nd Anniversary Bike Series,,
Thank heaps matey!

PELOTON is Fixed,,

This is the latest setting of My Peloton in its 2nd year of fun rolling,,
It's almost there to get a full NJS bike, so far it's fast as it looks,,
The Photographs credit goes to @b_e_r_t_o,,
Special thanks to Yusuke,, *TERIMA KASIH!