Campa Rear Hubs,,


Despite of the high RRP, there was an interesting story behind this gorgeous hub, Mr. Brown discovered this for us, fortunately. Some lines are stated that this hub is not recomended for heavy duty nor fixed gear,,

Is it? 

Hopefully could help,,

rrready to build,,


Here's a glimpse of a new olde frame,,

RRReady to fixxx,,

To Let,, (SOLD)


There are things to let. One's junks could be treasures for others,,
Here are the bits; they are all coming in a bundle:

  • The frame is chromolly; It used to be a Federal(TM) that I've been modified into a fixed gear ready. Surely, it is white in colour and has some scratches on the paint layer. Rear width: 135mm.
  • Fork width: 105mm; it is made of aluminum. 
  • Bottom bracket (length: 140mm) 
  • It will come along with Token headset and Kalloy 110mm stem. 
  • Aluminum seatpost (254mm) and the clamp as well. 
  • Bonus: Aluminum crankset 175cm with 44T 

All items will be out for IDR450.000,00; Shipping cost is not included. The items location is in Bandung. To Jakarta, shipment using TIKI for 13Kgs item costs IDR143.000 for One Night Services; and IDR41.000 for Regular, 2 days shipping. The payment could be in cash or wire transfer through Mandiri Bank; No check please. Don't miss it!!


Kewler than iPod for Fixie,,


This bits are so much cooler than iPod in your bike (that I even affraid to put on); well, perhaps soon, after I get "A REAL",,

O, the leather colour is so fit with the Brooks thingie,,


"Chrome Steel toe clips from Mikashima (MKS). These toe clips are NJS certified for track racing in Japan! Includes the mounting hardware.

Basic guideline on toe clip sizes:

S - Kid's sizes, Smaller Women's sizes
M - Men's sizes 5-8, Most Women' sizes
L - Men's sizes 8-10
XL - Men's sizes 10 and up"

(cited: Ben's Cycle)

*I got this bits for SGD45 @ TRBikes.

MKS fit Alpha

"This is a spectacular mid range synthetic leather toe strap from MKS. Black, Pure White, or Saddle Brown synthetic leather with a chrome steel buckle. Single rivet stainless buckle. Handmade in Japan." (cited: Ben's Cycle)

**TRBikes gave this for SGD35

Ride ON,,