Polished, Polished,,, Polished on My Back,,

Fixed Gear Illustrated,,

I sum up from many web sources, I hope the artists don't mind; Kudos to all respective artists,,

Record Pista Groups Set,,

Product Knowledge,,

Three is Too Many Stems,,

Japanese quill stems: SR, Kalloy and Kalloy; Two out of three must out soon,, If you want it, you better watch it,,

Last Show | Road to Weekend RoadRunner 2010,,

Credits to STONE,,

Rapha // Paul Smith : 'London' Film,,

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Bata Biker,, *Where are you now?

Wondering, whether it still exists or extincts,, | cited at Chicks and Bikes

#MP 2nd Anniversary bikes *preview

    • Single Speed | @b_e_r_t_o

    • Keirin | M.I.N.E.

    • Multi Speed | someone

  • The FuFuFu Tees,,

    MP FXD RI w/ fufufu,,

    Visit thefufufu.blogspot.com for purchasing,,

    @b_e_r_t_o New Frameset | iDoF Special 2nd Anniversary Edition,,

    I Dream of Fixie is Getting FIXED,,

    The JapStijl,,

    Credits to Yusuke,,

    Mercian O Mercian,,

    Mercian Online Frame Builder,,
    My Mercian Vigorelli,,

    I Adore Mi Amor,,

    Weekend RoadRunner 2010 | Re-View,,

    #BGM: Seringai.CItraNatural; Cascade.MidniteSun;[EOF]

    The Ramone | @modsrider nu-ride,,

    Budget Stem,,

    ALPS Stem,,
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